Simple, Fun and Creative

FxCamera lets you to simply take creative photos through our selection of over 40 filters that will allow you to shape your story through our line of six effects. With our unique filters, we are most certain that each photo that you take will have a perspective storyline.

Photo taking has been centralized in many people’s lives. Now come and have a joyous photo adventure using FxCamera that will enhance your creativity more than ever.

Various Effects and Unique Features

ToycamToy camera emulator

Let’s talk about taste for a moment. Toycam is all about taking your photo to the next level. Want to give it some color and some coolness and spice up your photo? Make your photos pop with Toycam!

InstantLukewarm moments

A perfect equilibrium is set so that each second is nothing but pureness. And pureness can at times be modified as distilled time. Instant can rewind back time bringing in aged essence. Just take a picture and within seconds your photo will not only show beauty, but time.  

SymmetricDouble the fun

What come down must come back up right? This symmetric effect lets you take your photos beyond your expected imagination. Try out and expand that imagination by taking symmetric photos of buildings, skyscrapers, or even the ocean. It’s all about how you want your idea on picture.

FisheyeMagnifying bubble

Have you ever thought about what it’s like to be a fish underwater? We sure haven’t but what if we could possibly see like a fish just even for a day. Now, that would be fun. This Fisheye effect gives your picture character. With strong visual distortion, this effect creates a wide panoramic perfect enough to accentuate your theme.

PosterColor your story

Are you doing an Andy Warhol? Poster effect can make you an Andy Warhol just by a single picture. With the various colors all into one, the poster effect makes your picture all pop and fun to see!

Normal+Better than normal

What’s better than normal? It’s when you find a perfect resolution by putting a plus on it. As naturally as it possibly can, toycam brushes up your photo with a touch up of professional camera quality enhancement. Lighting is not a problem, even in the dark; it’s about time you start take professional looking photos.

Your photo looks dark?

Whether it’s you or the light and you’re just not getting the lighting you want, we’ve got auto adjustment, Normal+, and Enhance effect, that’ll bring in the light to the areas where you couldn’t see before.

The start is with the background

Want to change up the theme of your picture everytime? You got it. We’ve got frames such as light leak and instant camera frame that will surely spice up your theme.

Classic masterpiece

Black and white photos. Just classic. FxCamera has three types of these classic photo filters. Toycam, Instant, Normal+ all have their own black and white effect. Your turn to be classic.

Save & Share

With all of the beautiful photos you have taken. Don’t you just want to show it off? After you’ve saved your pictures, with one click you can automatically save and share your photos anywhere, anytime, to anyone.

Voice PictureOnly for iPhone and iPod touch

Not only can FxCamera take creative photos, but can also leave audio recordings. These voice messages can easily be sent to anyone just like a regular photo. Let us be the bridge between you and your loved ones by being able to send background scenery voices just as if they are right beside you. Your picture will be worth more than just a picture.